Wicked City (2010) full-length enhanced cd & digital album
Somnambulist Sound System/Scratch Records

track listing:
1. House of Craven
2. Deceiver Heart
3. Alive Again
4. Wicked City
5. Dark Servant of Destiny
6. My Abyss
7. Dunwich Brothel
8. Paint Myself in Her Ashes
9. The Creeping Flesh
10. Miss Margarida
11. Stigmata (CD only)
12. We Have Faith/Blood Red (CD only)
Beginning with the 2012 "Left Behind" tour, Wicked City was sold as a double disc "tour edition" with a companion cd containing the 2008 ep "The Final Entertainment Show"

promo video: "The Creeping Flesh"

purchase "WIcked CIty" double disc tour edition & instant digital download ($12.00 + shipping)

purchase "Wicked CIty" instant digital download ($8.00)

"Wicked City" cd & digital copy is also included in the NJC Mega Box Set!