Soldiers of The Mark (released  09/02/2014)
Manticore Music Group
LP, CD, Hardcover Book w/deluxe digital download

track listing:
1. The Mark
2. Parade of Innocents
3. Champagne Ivy 
4. Angel MMXIV
5. A Grey Day to Die 
6. Into the Fire 
7. Garthim
8. My Smile
9. Seal of Metatron
10. Return to Eden
11. Dig Up Her Bones (deluxe edition only)
12. When I Die (deluxe edition only)
13. Alive Again acoustic (deluxe edition olny)
14. Garthim Rising (deluxe edition only)
15. Lucifer Brain (deluxe edition only)

promo videos: Angel MMXIV, Into the Fire
"Soldiers of The Mark" is the band's second complete concept album, telling the tale of a hellfire club whose secret depraved activities summon the Beast of the Earth and the Beast of the Sea, setting in motion the events that will bring about the prophecies written in the Book of Revelations. 

The 10 track album was released on cd and 12" vinyl in 3 different colour variations with a companion hardcover coffee table book featuring an introduction to the album, complete lyrics, translations, live & studio photos, original artwork, critics anecdotes and album credits. The deluxe digital edition only available at featured 5 bonus tracks not available on the cd, vinyl or regular digital edition available elsewhare (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc). Get the 15 track deluxe digital edition for just $8 HERE.