"The New Jacobin Club" (2001) full-length cd
Manticore Music Group/Sinbad USA/Panx France

1. Why the Dead Love You
2. Dragon Island
3. Hallowed Halls
4. Demon Princess
5. In Your Screams
6. Invisible Deity
7. Mighty Pipes
8. Manipulator
9. Rats in the Walls
10. Blood of the Servant
11. Spit it Out
12. The Switch
13. Forever We Live
Tracks 1, 7 and 13 are instrumentals courtesy of soundscape artist Continuum Flux, and guest narrator Landotter of CFCR 90.5 Saskatoon's "Weird Tales" radio drama program appears on "Demon Princess" and "Rats in the Walls." This album is out of print, but is included in the NJC Mega Box Set.