"A Lesson in Mortality" (1999) 7" vinyl ep (2 editions)
Transparent Records USA/Panx France

track listing:

Side A
1. Beltane Fire
2. The Filthy and the Righteous

Side B:
1. Soul Eater
2. Miss Margarida

Recorded and first released in promo form in fall of 1998 before being re-mastered and released to the public in March 1999. Several editions exist - black & white cover art with black vinyl, full colour cover art with red vinyl, and alternate promo cover art (a collage of "New Jacobin Club" logos) with black vinyl. "A Lesson in Mortality" was released on cd in 2008 as part of "The Filthy & The Righteous" cd compilation that collected all the NJC studio recordings circa 1998-2000. It is currently only available in the NJC Mega Box Set.