"Left Behind" (2012) cd ep & digital release
Manticore Music Group

track listing:
1. My Smile
2. Demon Princess
3. When Evil Comes Out to Play
4. Blood of the Servant Girl (live)

promo video: My Smile
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A 15 year anniversary release containing dramatic reboots of 3 very early NJC songs and a live track from 2009.  "My Smile" Originally appeared on "Pacifists are Suckers" (cassette ep 1996), "Demon Princess" and "When Evil Comes Out to Play"  first appeared on "Welcome to the Pleasure Pit" (1997). "Blood of the Servant Girl" was originally released as a cassette single in 2000 b/w "In Your Screams" 

As stated on the back of the CD packaging, "My Smile" is a teaser from an upcoming full-length album due out in 2013/2014. This is now a half-truth as the song will indeed appear on the next album, but it has been re-recorded yet one more time!